Entertainment should be a part of everyone’s life. Although they might not seem to be that important, life could be dull without entertainment. Entertainment could help you address stress, be closer to your family and friends and have fun in the process. It makes you ready for the next day’s work or could relieve you of your problems.

But entertainment could be very expensive when they are not controlled. Movies, eating at fancy restaurants or going on vacation could be expensive. If you’re not careful, your credit card bills will practically be on entertainment.

Here are some of the fun entertainment ideas that you and your family could enjoy. Most of them are free while others are not that expensive.

1) Visit the library – There is a stereotype that a library is just a place for boring people. But there are a lot of things that you can do in the library such as listening to music, browsing through old newspapers or simply going online.

2) Rent instead of a movie day – While a movie day may sound like a good idea, its better that you rent a movie or two for that night. Instead of paying for five persons with snacks, you just rent a movie which is far more affordable even with snacks.

3) Check your local newspaper for free events – Free events are conducted in almost every major city. Concerts and art shows is a good way to experience local art and young artists will not usually charge as a way of promoting themselves.

4) Check for college productions – Another free event that you and your family could enjoy is to check for free plays in your local college. Some would even allow you to watch them practice which is another day for entertainment for the family.

5) A day in the park – A whole afternoon in the park is probably the most affordable with the best activities that your family could enjoy. Everyone can find their own activities without spending anything and the food can be prepared without having to buy anything.

6) Visit friends and family – Your friends and family will be more than glad that you can come over, especially if you bring food. Schedule a visit with them on advance for rented movie or two or bring the kids together in a park for a fun and affordable Sunday afternoon.

7) Use student discounts aggressively – Of course you have to be a student to do that but if you have kids, let them use their discount so that you don’t have to spend too much on eating out or any activities that offer student’s discount.

8) Lunch instead of dinner – Eating out could be very expensive especially during dinner. Lunch on the other hand, offers almost the same menu without forcing you to spend too much. While at the restaurant, convince everyone to stick to water so that food could be enjoyed more.

9) Always go for group admission – Purchasing tickets especially on zoos and special programming in your local area can help you save by purchasing in bulk. Never hesitate to ask for a discount if you are purchasing two or more tickets for one performance. It may look like expensive at first but they foster savings when everyone does the same money saving practice.

10) Increase an interest in board games – Some say that board games are only for those who are really interested in board games. But family connections could be easily enhanced without spending a single cent if the beauty of board games is appreciated. You may have to purchase a board game once but everything will be free afterwards.