Power generators are very useful for many properties especially those who have unreliable power source. This can also be used by families or individuals who would be staying outdoors for a few days without any contact to a power source. This machine can be considered as a bit expensive but it’s a worthy investment for anyone who needs constant electricity.

But choosing the right generator can be very tiring that bad conclusions and presumptions can be considered when buying power generators. The following are the ideas that should be avoided in order to select the right power generator. 

1. "Necessity" – Never purchase the power generator simply because you need one. Take your time to shop for a good price and quality. Rushing to buy a new power generator will only lead to bad selection of power generator or extra spending because of the lack of price comparison.

2. "Size" – Power generators are not necessarily rated based on their capacity. Size is very important since it will show durability and capability of the power generator. Be sure to match the need with the power generated by the machine.

3. "Affordability" – A cheap power generator is not always a good deal. There are power generators who attract customers because of their price but they do not promise on quality. Even though you’re experienced in troubleshooting power generators, it’s still better to spend a little bit more for maintenance free power generator.

4. "Noise" – Power generators will be noisy but there are those that are less noisy and should be considered. The noise will eventually get into your nerves especially if you use them at night so it’s best to invest in low noise power generators.

5. "Brand" – One of the determining factors that you should use to purchase a power generator is the brand. The brand doesn’t only tell where it came from but also for their quality. An unknown brand might easily break down and will cost you since they do not have local warranty.

6. "Maintenance" – It is wrong to assume that you will be able to maintain a power generator all by yourself.  This type of thinking will get you in trouble because you will have to spend  hundreds of dollars on a power generator that requires maintenance. 

7. "Power generator Vs UPS" – There are situations wherein all you need is a decent UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) rather than a power generator. If all you need is power for your laptop or computer, then an extra battery and a UPS would be a better option.

8. "Power generator usage" – Many buyers know exactly what to do with a power generator. But it’s still important to consult the instructional manual not only for basic steps on how to use the generator but also warnings specific to the brand and model.

9. "Power Cables" – It is always advisable to purchase brand new power cables for your power generator. Ask for a power cable specifically built for a power generator or something that can withstand a strong electric current.

10. "Fuel" – If you do not have any efficient fuel plan, your power generator will be useless. Plan how you should store on fuel so that you can use you power generator anytime. Also make sure that you can locate a gasoline station easily in case you are not planning to store the needed fuel for your power generator.