Electricity is very important for everyone. Whether you’re in the city or in the rural area, you need electricity to function properly at work, or even survive at home. The convenience, the speedy processes of things and even entertainment are all possible through electricity.

But it could cost you as these services are not free. Worst, excessive use of electricity is just harmful to nature. With the rising cost of electricity as well as the threat to global warming, everyone has to do their share to save electricity.

The following are 10 tips on how to save on electricity. These are very smart ways to save on electricity as they encourage savings without too much intrusion to your daily activities.

1) Deal with your air conditioner’s filter every month – A clean air conditioner is a well performing air conditioner. Cleaning your air conditioner’s filter increases efficiency so you don’t have to crank up the cooling power just to feel cooler at home.

2) Use a programmable thermostat – This might cost you at first but think about the convenience and the savings later. Instead of letting your heat or air conditioner on the whole day you are there, use the programmable thermostat to automatically switch it off and on before you arrive.

3) Controlled use of ceiling fan – A ceiling fan can easily cool the room but it could cost you. Be sure to switch the fan off every time you leave the room. Its effect on cooling the room is almost the same.

4) Using CFL – CFL or compact fluorescent lights consume 80% less electricity compared to standard light bulbs. You don’t even have to be concerned about the quality as all CFL have the same brightness or even better compared to regular fluorescent bulbs.

5) Control Your Pool Pump – Pool pumps don’t have to be on for the most parts of the day. They just have to be switched on for a number of hours depending on the season. For warm season pump your pool up to six hours but during the coolers months of the year, you can only pump your pool in four hours.

6) No Pre-Rinse – Instead of pre-rinsing your dishes, place them directly to your dishwasher. You might have to clean the dishes without water a little bit but it could save you considerable money not just in electricity but water as well.

7) Control the Heat in Your Home – Aside from using programmable thermostat, controlling your temperature is very important. A few degrees higher during the hot season and a little bit colder during the cooler season could shave off a few dollars in your monthly bill.

8) Efficient Lint Filter in Dryers – Just like your air conditioner’s filter, it is very important to clean or replace your filter every now and then preferably every time you use your lint filter. By cleaning your lint filter, you’ll increase the efficiency of your dryer which means you don’t have to spend extra electricity for dry cleaning.

9) Use Auto-Sensor in Dryers – It will require extra energy but the trade-off is better. Instead of spending extra power to dry your clothes, auto-sensors will control the use of your dryer.

10) Purchase Appliances with Energy Star Certification – Most of the appliances today have energy star certifications which might ease you the trouble in selecting one. However, purchase appliances that will work well in your living conditions and needs. The official website of energy star will also help you through additional tips and updates regarding different appliances on how you can save on electricity.

Electricity is very important in everyone’s daily existence. Save as much as possible to ensure that electricity will be available in the future.