Education is one of the best gifts that you can give to your kids. Although we might think that it’s a burden for us, the fact that we care should be more than enough for them to study hard and prepare for their future.

That gift is especially emphasized when your kids are planning to go to college. A college education will open so many opportunities for them. A college would mean you have been trained and have been prepared to tackle all the issues and concerns regarding the specific field they have chosen.

However, college education today is the most expensive part of the children’s life in education. Whether it’s just community college or an Ivy League school, you will still be spending a considerable amount of money just to finish a good four-year course of education. Parents will often find themselves struggling whenever they think about their kids going to college as the fees from start to end will never go down. That is why it is very important to save money for college. Unless you’re a millionaire, you can’t just start thinking about the college finances of your kids when they have graduated from high school.

If you’re a parent, here are some of the things you can do to save money for college without digging deep in your pocket to balance your monthly expenses.

Start saving today. There is no better time to start saving than today. When you have prepared in advance you are able to save more for your kid’s education. If you just had a toddler, you can easily raise enough money for your kid’s education even when you just put aside $100 per week for at least 18 years.

Consider a 529 Savings Plan. This type of savings plan lets you easily save up for college and when it is time to take out the money for school, you can be exempted from different state and federal taxes. You’ll be surprised how much you actually save in taxes when you consider a 529 savings plan.

Even when you’re saving some money for your kid’s college plan, don’t forget about your retirement plan. Your kids will literally have hundreds of funding sources for colleges while at your end saving is the only way to save money for retirement.

Go for smarter investment. Stocks are one of the best ways to increase your money fast. Although there is also a chance that you might lose some money in the process, it’s just a matter of selecting the right company for better financial rewards.

Your children should also do their part to ensure they can go to college. Money alone can never get them to a good school. Good grades and being better in a sport could get those to good schools without paying anything but they have to look for alternatives and other sources for grants. With a good grant to back them up, they could get into a good college without heavy financial burden. When they are in college, they can help their parents in savings through the following:

Don’t just get new books. The library and online has thousands of books that you need. and are full of used books with a fraction of a price.

Get a small job. We know college is very hard but if you have a good sense of time and its management, you should be able to squeeze in an hour or two with a part-time job.

Don’t just jump-in to any loans. Student loan is one of the easiest and the fastest to process. But paying them back is not as easy as getting them. Control yourself and only get a student loan if you absolutely need it.