Catholic schools and other private schools often require their students to wear uniforms. If you have kids who go to this school, you might be experiencing budget problem whenever a school year starts. Since your kids grow taller each year, you have to buy brand new uniforms for them. Sometimes you find yourself buying another set of uniform in the middle of the year since your kid almost grew overnight under your nose.

You have to be budget conscious for this since school uniforms translates hundreds of dollars in excessive savings if you are not careful.

Here are 10 simple and smart tips you could use to save money in your kids school uniform:

   1. Don’t be tied up to a single provider – some schools recommend a certain tailor or shop. Whether or not they have commissions by doing this, it’s not an absolute that they are the only ones who can provide a good looking school uniform.

   2. Shop Around – looking for the best prices in school uniforms takes a little bit of driving and leg work. Go around your locality and ask around whether they can beat the prices of the school’s recommended establishment. You’ll be surprised of the number of options available for your kid’s uniform.

   3. Purchase in advance – if you wanted to save money, don’t rush to the shopping malls and tailors two to three weeks before school. Buy their uniforms as soon as possible. Of course you have to consider your kid’s speed of growth so that you won’t end up buying a uniform that’s too small for your kids.

   4. Teach your kids to save money – let your kids participate in the drive to save money for their school uniform. If they’re old and able enough to take a part time job, that would even give them the idea of us adults having a hard time keeping a good budget for their daily needs.

   5. Bulk – Buying in bulk slashes out the need of a middle man. If you can get a tailor to agree with you on a lower price for bulk purchases, it will translate to more savings and better profits for the tailor.

   6. Go online for more options – eBay and other auction websites offers bargains on school uniforms. Although you might be paying for shipping and handling, these websites offer enough savings that even when you pay for the shipping, the savings are still there.

   7. Sell the old uniforms – instead of keeping them in a vault, sell them to others who might find a use for your uniforms especially those who are younger than your kids. They too will be looking for savings and a second hand uniform from a trusted source is always a good deal.

   8. Sew them yourself – if you have the skills in dressmaking, create the school uniform yourself. The materials in school uniforms are cheaper compared to the finished product. If you’re really good at this, sewing your kid’s uniform could even translate to a home based opportunity.

   9. Mix and Match – most school uniforms offers variations so that kids will look different every day but still keeping that spirit of being in uniform. You don’t need to buy one for each day but instead learn to mix the uniforms especially the add-ons such as blazers and sweaters.

  10. Sale is always a good thing – whenever you see a sale on school uniforms, grab the opportunity and get one. You’ll never know when will be the next sale on school uniforms and a sale will always mean great savings for your kids. Again, a good estimate has to be made so that the clothes will fit in the future.