Correct Age for Kindergarten Admission

School is said to be first home.  Children spend most part of their time at school.   During admission, concerned parents leave no stone unturned to ensure that their children get enrolled in good school.

Every parent will have to shoulder this important responsibility and during the time of … Read the rest

Education as Investment

Your parents have always told you that education is very important. With the right education, you could go places or you could settle one day with the fact that you have a steady source of income with a retirement fund that could lavishly finance your … Read the rest

Save on Making Scrapbooks

I once visited our community library. There was a space provided for the best student outputs in different subjects. What really caught my attention were the beautifully crafted scrapbooks. The designs and were amazingly creative. There was one project there in which paper and cardboard … Read the rest

10 Tips to Save on Kids Uniform

Catholic schools and other private schools often require their students to wear uniforms. If you have kids who go to this school, you might be experiencing budget problem whenever a school year starts. Since your kids grow taller each year, you have to buy brand … Read the rest

Saving Money for Kids College

Education is one of the best gifts that you can give to your kids. Although we might think that it’s a burden for us, the fact that we care should be more than enough for them to study hard and prepare for their future.

That … Read the rest

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