Recession will always mean loss of jobs. Companies that will experience financial trouble has to cut costs as soon as possible since without cutting costs, they will not be able to operate properly as a company.

Unfortunately, one of the ways of cutting costs fast is to terminate employees form work. This is the usual move by large corporations since compared to assets, employees needs to be paid every month wherein an asset will only require companies to spend once and spend a little to no amount in maintenance.

But that does not mean every company in a country that is hit by recession will be losing jobs. There are still those that are able to survive or even improve no matter what the economic status. If you are one of the unfortunate that has been terminated, you may want to shift industries or expertise to be assured of a job even if there is a recession.

Service Industry Based Jobs

One of the most popular types of jobs that are able to brave recession are the service industry type of jobs. These are the type of jobs that could only be done by a human and never a machine.

For example, a doctor is a service based jobs and their expertise could never by any machine. Sure there are machines that could provide simple indicators but the doctor’s ability to be reason out the possible solution to the problem will always make the difference.

But that does not mean every service industry based jobs could become successful and overcome recession. Services that are related to non-essential things will still be hit by recession.

For example, a waiter of a fancy restaurant is a service based job but this type of job might not be able to survive because of the decreasing number of patrons. Eventually, the waiter will be out of job since fancy restaurants are closed.

Zeroing Into Essential Services

If you want to survive the harsh economy, you need to focus in gaining a job that only a human could do. But there are service industry jobs that are also doomed to fail since patronization decreased.

Surviving recession is not only looking for a job in the service industry, you need to find a job whose functions are important to society. It is a type of job that people would still need even if they are struggling in their economy.

In this category, the most successful people who are not affected in global recession are those who help in the health sector. A doctor and a nurse are essential for the community since without them, the community will be helpless as they cannot easily function.

Education is also an important service for the society and should be able to handle recession. It is only through education that the students could eventually know more about the world and prove their worth as a citizen.

Those that will help them learn are the teachers. Without the teachers, the community will not flourish since no one is able to help them move forward. Education will teach the kids more than just the tricks of getting a good grade.

Watching out for Housing Industry

The housing industry is highly affected by the recession. In fact, one of the reasons why the world is on a verge of financial meltdown right now is because of the problems in housing industry.

Architects and Engineers may have the right skill to develop homes but because of the trauma in housing industry, operations were cut off immediately. Building of new houses has significantly slowdown and still might take years before consumer is confident to get it back. .