The current financial struggle of different companies have threatened everyone’s current jobs. Because companies are not able to post earnings for months now, they are forced to cut the workforce to save costs.

No one really knows which industry will be affected next but it seems that almost every industry are now feeling the challenges of the current financial crisis.

Companies will naturally cut entry level jobs. Although they are the forefront of the success of the industry, companies can sacrifice entry level jobs and its employees could be easily terminated to give way for money saving techniques.

Because the company is losing, they do not have to push themselves to more decline by producing more products without selling anything. Workers to do not have to produce new products or offer services. In the end, they are terminated because of non-productivity.

The current generation or the "Generation Y" are the ones that are being hit the hardest for the past few months. Companies are opting to terminate their newer employees since they value the experience and loyalty of their senior employees.

This is not actually the fault of the current generation. It is just that they are in a position where the company has no choice but to select the people who they can trust.

Forecasting the Problem

The current generation are already aware of this problem even before they graduate in college or even in high school. Unfortunately, there are those that have opted to ignore the situation or have decided to deal with it once the problem hits them or "cross the bridge when you get there."

This will make them decide on things that are not usually geared towards success of security of the future.

Oftentimes, the decision is made because of personal preferences. Although everyone is encouraged to follow their dreams, everyone still need to make sure that they earn something or else they might not survive tomorrow.

If you are on college or about to go to college, don’t think that recession will not really hit you. The effects of recession will still be felt and remembered for years that job scarcity will still be there for some companies.

It is very important to forecast what will happen in the future. Anticipate which industry that will most likely survive after the financial crisis.

The health industry, the essential service industries and technology will most likely be the industries that will endure the hardships of the financial crisis.

Being Exceptional

When you are already part of the workforce, do not just be a sitting duck and become an easy target for retrenchment. Since the day you are hired, work really hard for the company so that you can be exceptional in your productivity.

This will make you stand out among the rest so that you will not have to be terminated because of your exceptional service for the company.

The challenging part of bringing out your best is that everyone will also do the same. Like you, your coworkers do not want to be terminated from their job.

They will also work harder and might even do dirty tactics just to get ahead of you.  But that does not give you the freedom to retaliate or do dirty tactics as well just to stay in your current job.

Sooner or later, someone will find out what you have done and you will gravely pay for that mistake. Just do your best all the time and your company will surely reward you for your dedication.

Recession unfortunately cuts down our ability to earn. But this is also the best time to learn new things and adopt to the hardships so that you can survive this financial challenge.