Recession will test businesses in their ability to adopt to the different challenges of the economy. While there are those that will be able to ride out the effects of recession, there will always be someone who will be hit hard by recession.

Companies who are not able to survive recession could cut job to save on operational costs while others would even have to temporarily cease operations. The worst case scenario is when companies completely shutting down, leaving everyone working for the company jobless in an instant.

One of the above mentioned things will happen in your company. Everyone is feeling the pinch of the current financial crisis and companies are doing everything to stay afloat. Reduction of workforce is a great possibility and you could be one of them if you are unable to prepare for the said event.

Proving Your Worth

The best way to keep your job during recession is to prove your worth. Your output could be a great proof that you have done well for the company and it is to the best interested of the company that you should stay even when there is the need to significantly cut off personnel.

Strong numbers will even get you places which means companies will consider your job application since you have been productive. You will be protected since your company don’t want you to end up with a competitor when you are productive.

But aside from functional productivity, you should also show that your presence in the company is more than just another employee. You need to show that your presence in the company has significant effects to the other employees in a good way.

Your leadership, your personal charisma, or just being a team player should be showed to your employer. Proving this is actually a little bit challenging but your employer should be able to know if you have been doing your part to be valuable.

Being Aggressive

Another way of protecting your job in the midst of financial trouble is to be aggressive. You need to let them know your value for the company. This is very important especially if you are just an entry level employee. Remember that being an entry level employee doesn’t automatically mean termination in case of financial trouble. There will be employees to be retained since they are still needed to do the basic tasks.

To be aggressive, you need to show the company you are working for that your skills is not only limited for the things you are doing right now. You have the ability to do things more if you’re just given a chance.

This would usually happen when you feel like your department is on the verge of being closed down. Don’t just wait for the worst to happen, work on your resume and meet the human resources so that you could be reconsidered to other job positions.

Being Proactive

Sometimes, getting terminated for the job is almost inevitable. Even though you are the best employee, the company doesn’t have the means and resources to retain you.

If you think this is the case, you need to be proactive and have a head start with the situation. Instead of being terminated, quit from the job and look for opportunities elsewhere. This will give you the chance to look for a better company before everyone else does.

You may not be able to preserve your job, but you are able to find the same job that offers the same benefits or even better.  Financial crisis should never mean the end of your source of income. Be aggressive and show your value to the company so that you can stay in your job.