Economic Recession

Inflation and You

Inflation is known as the periodic increase of price of goods. Various factors could be identified as the reason for inflation. It could be the recent government decisions that have economic impact or outside factors that have direct impact on goods.

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Surviving Recession through Smart Investing

Everyday, the indicators that recession is fast approaching is getting clearer.  Some would say that recession is already here and we are in for a very rough time.   Confidence in investing money has drastically slowed down.… Read the rest

Fighting the Inflation Problem

Inflation could be considered as a “silent killer” of your investment and other finances. The funds you have right are slowly losing its value every year. Most investors and financial advisers will just be content on the fact that every year, there’s a 3% inflation … Read the rest

Can you Learn from Recession ?

In a recession the market implement cuts while maximizing efficiency. Management does not make hasty decision. They are made after a careful analysis and planning. Certain companies were amazed that despite the budget and personnel pruning they made on their budget they won a much … Read the rest

Ideal Jobs During Recession

Many companies implement budget cuts when a recession looms. They do these in order to minimize expenditures to cope with inflation. One area affected by the cuts is the workers who may have been laid off. This situation puts them in a situation where they … Read the rest

Explaining your kids about Recession

Your kids buy things they need in school or in shops. One day they go home sad because the allowance you gave them can no longer buy the items they used to buy and they ask you what happened. Perhaps the only explanation they have … Read the rest

Impact of Recession on the Real Estate Industry

After living in a rented apartment for more than a year a couple decided to save for a house of their dream. When their daily expenditure started rising they felt they have to postpone their plan of buying a new house.
The real estate developer … Read the rest

International Impact of US Recession

Most economists around the world believe that US will eventually be on a recession. Almost every indicator in the country points to the eventual recession. Although the government has announced various plans to help the economic slumber, the action may be too late or too … Read the rest

Preparing your Business for the Recession

Nobody knows if the recession is coming but there are tell tale signs that it might be. Business analysts have already reminded different companies to take action to protect their businesses if recession starts to crawl in the economy. For small business owners, this is … Read the rest

Recruitment during Recession

Recruitment during recession seems a strange idea or even a stupid move. Normally, a downturn should be a state where everything in the business should be in freeze and have to wait until the storm is over. So the first challenge of the recruitment personnel … Read the rest

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