Economic Recession

Borrowing Scenario During Recession

Borrowing Scenario During Recession

Recession could be considered as the process of “resetting” the economic conditions of the country. Because of various economic movements in recent years, the economy has no choice but to go on recession.

From the sub-prime mortgage crises to mismanagement of … Read the rest

Surviving Recession

The current financial struggle of different companies have threatened everyone’s current jobs. Because companies are not able to post earnings for months now, they are forced to cut the workforce to save costs.

No one really knows which industry will be affected next but it … Read the rest

Explaining Recession to Kids

Everyone has to know and understand recession these days, even kids. The young ones are always the most curious about things and they will most likely notice that you are budgeting more than what you did a few months ago.

They will surely be affected … Read the rest

Avoid Loan During Recession

Loans are availed by everyone when they need a product or a service but do not have the financial capacity to pay for it.

Through a loan, they will be able to get the fund they need for personal reasons. The good thing about a … Read the rest

Buying a Car During Recession

During recession, people are trying to save as much money as they can. They are tightening their budget, looking for ways to avoid purchases and opt out on major financial transactions. That means they are opting out on car purchases as well.

Most consumers are … Read the rest

Smart Budgeting Plan During Recession

Recession is forcing everyone to tighten their belts because of the financial concerns. Even though you are not experiencing the hardships right now, you should still be prepared for the worst economic situation the world has seen in decades.

It is just a matter of … Read the rest

How to Survive Rat Race During Recession

Dealing with Recession

Recession will affect everyone in every way. This type of economic situation is basically a challenge for everyone as finances will significantly go down.

Although the world does not necessarily revolve around money, it does have a significant effect whenever there is … Read the rest

Surviving through Recession Proof Jobs

Recession will always mean loss of jobs. Companies that will experience financial trouble has to cut costs as soon as possible since without cutting costs, they will not be able to operate properly as a company.

Unfortunately, one of the ways of cutting costs fast … Read the rest

Small Business Survival During Recession

Small businesses are the ones that will be greatly hit during financial crisis. Unfortunately, small businesses are too small to ask for assistance from the government (unlike the big three) and they are unable to increase their sales aggressively because of the lack of capital.… Read the rest

Protecting Your Job During Recession

Recession will test businesses in their ability to adopt to the different challenges of the economy. While there are those that will be able to ride out the effects of recession, there will always be someone who will be hit hard by recession.

Companies who … Read the rest

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