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10 Dumb Mistakes You Would Do During Bankruptcy

10 Dumb Mistakes You Would Do During Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is often feared by most consumers because of the anticipated financial burden. This is often the perception since the credit rating will significantly go down to the point at which loans and credit card applications will … Read the rest

10 Dumb Budgeting Mistakes

Budgeting is very essential for everyone and especially for the family. Without budgeting, funds will never be spent correctly and financial trouble might happen. Budgeting provides control, efficient spending and prevents frustration as money will be spent wisely. Everyone will be able to enjoy the … Read the rest

Educating Kids About Bad Economic Times

The current economic crisis should be giving parents many things to think about. Of all the members of our society, those who have children tend to be hardest hit by recessions, since not only must they keep a roof over their head and food, but … Read the rest

Help Your Children Start Small Business

Your children needs be encouraged to set up a small business if you want to help them become entrepreneurs or just someone who will become sensible with money.

There are a lot of values that children will learn from setting up a small business even for just a … Read the rest

How to Instill Strong Work Ethics in Children

While no parent is perfect, teaching your children the importance of hard work is absolutely critical. Many children today have parents that completely baby them, who pamper and give them everything they want. Not only will this type of behavior make the child weak, spoiled, … Read the rest

How to Avoid Debt

Debt is slavery, avoid it like the plague. As parents, we teach our children many things. We teach them not to talk to strangers, not to play in the streets, and to show respect towards their elders. But one thing that many parents fail to … Read the rest

Teach Your Children How to Avoid Financial Scams

Most of us have been scammed at least once, and there are some of us who have lost a lot more than others. In fact, some people have been scammed so bad that their entire fortunes have been ruined.

Scams can range from small incidents … Read the rest

How to Harness Your Child’s Potential Skills

It the responsibility of the parents to prepare their children to help them face the real world. Often parents fail to prepare their children for adulthood.   They neither save money for their college education nor bother to teach them the importance of finance.

Your children … Read the rest

How to Instill Financial Discipline in Your Children

Discipline is a critical element that any responsible parent will instill in their children. While some find discipline hard to define, it can be defined as "the will power which is necessary for one to do what they know they are supposed to be doing … Read the rest

Allowance as a Teaching Tool in Finances

Kids and teens usually rely on allowances for their daily spending. Without it, they will just rely on their lunch bags for food or anything else that parents place on their bags when they are at school.

At home, kids will just have to raid the … Read the rest

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