A wedding celebration is always a must after the ceremonies. It is through the celebration that the couple would show their appreciation for those who came. Great food, drinks and artistic decoration is always expected in weddings which also aim to give comfort to those who came to the wedding while enjoying food and entertainment.

But wedding celebrations could be very expensive. Although it’s just a one time event, you could spend years in paying back the debt occurred on that celebration.

If you are concerned on spending too much on your wedding celebration, here are some suggestions on how to cut the costs while making sure everyone enjoys the event.

1. Choose an off season date – The months of November and January to March are considered off season for weddings. During these months, you should be able to enjoy considerable discounts because there is no demand for their wedding related products and services. You could even enjoy a variety of choices and availability during these months.

2. No Saturdays – while Saturday could be the most convenient day of the week, the mere fact that everyone wants to get married on a Saturday increases the fees of wedding related services. Sunday is a better option if you want to get married on a weekend.

3. Rent a Wedding Dress – although a wedding dress provides a very sentimental meaning to your marriage, you have to be realistic in terms of spending. You can end up spending more than $3,000 on a single wedding dress but renting will only cost you no more than $500.

4. DIY your invitations – invitations is merely a way of asking someone “are you coming to our wedding?” All you need is piece of paper, a computer with a printer, a ribbon and a little bit of imagination to create something highly personalized without spending too much.

5. Research on favors/souvenirs – there are many shops that offer small and inexpensive items as favors. Be aggressive in haggling for the final price especially if you’re planning to order more than 100 items. You could spend a little bit more than $2.00 per item but you have to make sure they are highly personalized.

6. Help on food – talk to your caterer about your need to save on your wedding. Ask for the least expensive entrees. As much as possible, look for a small start-up caterer so that you can haggle as they try to make a name for themselves.

7. All-in-One Stylist – a separate hair and make-up artist will definitely cost you. Look for someone who can do both. They might be a lot more expensive than a hair stylist or make-up artist but more affordable compared to the combined fees.

8. Help on Drinks – when it comes to drinks, it can get a little bit expensive especially if they are never controlled. Ask your caterer if you can be allowed to bring in drinks yourself. You could also ask your friends and family to donate some.

9. Go Online – there are practically thousands of online sellers that focus on wedding items. Because of the number of competitors, you can expect that the price of their items would be considerably lower than local products. Just make sure you don’t spend too much on shipping and know their reputation first before initiating transactions.

10. Create a plan and stick to it – before anything could be purchased, create a very detailed plan and never compromise to change it unless you see it as an extreme necessity. Changing one thing will slowly lead to another change and before you know it, you could be spending a lot more than your original budget.