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Occasionally, we find ourselves being billed for some services such as car repair, computer repair, and lawn maintenance or even in simple house cleaning. There are only two reasons why we should be paying people to do these for us: either we are too busy to do these things or we are just too lazy. If the reason you have is the latter, you are spending too much in unnecessary services that the reason you are having financial trouble is not on budgeting but on being too lazy to get our hands a little bit dirty sometimes.

If you really want to save money, you should know how to sacrifice more than just having the ability to balance your budget and checkbook. 

Doing it yourself

Take for example the fee that we have to pay to change the oil in our car. It sounds pretty simple but we get someone to do it. Every time we let someone else do it, we have to pay them at least $20 to do it. Oil change is a very basic task that you could do yourself. Review the activities or services that you get and check those you can do for yourself.

Here are some of the activities/services that you can do yourself:

  1. Simple Car Check-Up
  2. Lawn Maintenance
  3. Computer Troubleshooting
  4. Cleaning Your Own Gutter
  5. Basic Home Repair
  6. Plumbing
  7. Appliance Troubleshooting
  8. Painting the Room
  9. Installing Wallpaper
  10. Pampering your Pet

The list goes on if you really think about it. If you have time in your hands and you just spend much of it watching TV or sleeping, it’s time to get out of that bed or couch and do these things yourself. We’re not only talking about tens of dollars in savings here but hundreds of dollars or even thousands of dollars every month.


Acquiring the Skills

Of course you can’t just do these things without actually learning on how to do it. But frankly some of the things that we can do in life are learned by just doing it. For example, painting your house is a very tedious task but if you convince yourself to do it, you will get your house painted. At first you will be really sloppy doing it but with practice, you will eventually get the trick.

Besides, there are millions of resources and tips you can get online. Whether it’s about plumbing, computer troubleshooting and even troubleshooting in your appliances, the internet will always have tips on how to take a look at these problems and eventually finding a way to fix those simple problems.


Really Needing Help

The advantage in doing things yourself is that you’ll know when to ask for help. The more we know that more we acknowledge that there are some things we just can’t fix. Since we are familiar with the condition of our appliances, we can’t just blindly accept some charges. Familiarity with simple troubleshooting methods will prevent us from paying too much for just basic services. This means even more savings because we know how much we should pay.

Saving money for the future is not just having the ability to properly budget our money. We have to be diligent in doing things in our house. We can’t just give our money away easily for someone who does little work all because we are too lazy in doing it. Just have the guts in doing it and learn through experience. Eventually, we will learn how to fix everything in our house that we don’t need anyone to do these for us.


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