Doing things yourself presents a lot of savings and personal satisfaction. Hundred of years ago, farmers are self reliant over everything – the food are taken from their backyard; they build their own house and furniture and anything else they need are not really that expensive that a simple barter with vegetables would suffice. Today, we need someone to do almost everything. That really costs money because you are paying for labor, raw materials and not to mention the additional rate they would add for them to earn something.

You could slash out labor if you do or create things yourself. You will never be tied with their selection of raw materials. You can select something more affordable so that you won’t have to spend much. The best part is you get to design your own furniture. Even though it might not come out as expected, the feeling of building or making something is better than spending money and regretting you didn’t like the design.

DIY in Food

We often cook our own food. However, the ingredients that we need for preparing that delicious meal comes from the market which will cost us time, gas for transportation and money. Vegetables that are usually sold in supermarkets are usually loaded with chemicals and if we go to organic market, the price is just too much for us.

Instead of buying the ingredients, grow them in your backyard. A small garden with different vegetables and herbs will ensure that you have a healthy and chemical free food in your table. They will not cost much and the exercise that you’ll have will be good for your body.

Baking your own bread will also help you save money. Instead of paying for the labor and other expenses, you could just make them yourself. You could select cheaper ingredients and make tastier bread on your own.

DIY in Furniture

You’ll literally be spending more than a thousand of dollars if you’re planning to buy all your furniture. But granted that you have already purchased one doesn’t mean you have to buy again and again. Building a chair or table could be learned online. As long as you have the proper tools to use, you can build the needed furniture yourself.

If you have the natural talent with woodworking, you just might have an extra source of income. You could work on extra projects during weekend and earn through that skill.

Aside from constructing your own furniture, you could save a lot of money by ensuring that your furniture is in tip-top shape. By using varnish and cleaning your furniture from time to time you are extending the life of your furniture as well as making it look great.

DIY in Appliances/Transportation

Your car and your appliances require energy to work. But that doesn’t mean they could just hog all the energy they want. By keeping your car and appliances in good shape, they will perform better even with less energy. Regular maintenance check up for your care and cleaning your appliances will not only extend their life but will also lessen the energy requirement. Your air conditioning system needs to have special attention because it’s a major power hog in your home. Cleaning them will make them breathe and work faster.

Also try to learn simple troubleshooting of your appliances and wiring. Research online on how you can work on a specific appliance. Sometimes, there are appliances that just needs a little bit of dusting so they could work again.

By doing things yourself, you’re practically saving hundreds of dollars every month. You won’t need to pay for any labor and the skills you learned maybe used to earn extra income.