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10 Tips to Save Money on Wedding

A wedding celebration is always a must after the ceremonies. It is through the celebration that the couple would show their appreciation for those who came. Great food, drinks and artistic decoration is always expected in weddings which also aim to give comfort to those … Read the rest

DIY For More Savings

Doing things yourself presents a lot of savings and personal satisfaction. Hundred of years ago, farmers are self reliant over everything – the food are taken from their backyard; they build their own house and furniture and anything else they need are not really that … Read the rest

Do IT Yourself for Better Savings

More Structural Issues

Image by anastaz1a via Flickr

Occasionally, we find ourselves being billed for some services such as car repair, computer repair, and lawn maintenance or even in simple house cleaning. There are only two reasons why we should be paying people to do these for … Read the rest

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