Divorce Advice

How to Effectively Communicate With your Ex

Communication with your former partner is very difficult especially with the emotional trauma that you both experienced. But communication is a must for former partners especially when they have children who have to live with one parent at a certain day of the week. Parents … Read the rest

Letting out Those Deadly Emotions after Divorce

The speed of recovery from divorce is determined by how fast you could release those bad emotions that affected your marriage, and eventually divorce. There are those that could easily release their emotions, forget about the past and move on. On the other hand, there … Read the rest

Painful Effects of Divorce on Children

Painful Effects of Divorce on Children Continues until Adulthood : Divorce is one of the most tiring times of the lifetime for children. The notion that the most important people of their life will be separating without any understandable reason for kids is just too … Read the rest

Telling Your Kids about Divorce

Based on the latest statistics, the percentage of divorce has been going down for the past few years. That is a good reason to rejoice since couples are actually staying together for better or worst and working together if they have problems with each other. … Read the rest

Mother dealing with kids after divorce

The kids will have to deal with a lot of emotional pains in a divorce. Unfortunately, 50% of the marriages end up in this situation and the kids will have to bear the burden of being supported with a single parent. Kids should grow up … Read the rest

Is Divorce really necessary in marriage after a couple of years?

Is divorce really necessary in marriage after a couple of years?

Reading the newspapers every day makes us think that divorce is a common thing. Unfortunately, that’s a fact. The reality that famous actors divorce after a couple of years in the marriage is also … Read the rest

Divorce and Remarriage

Getting Remarried after Divorce When You Have Kids with Previous Marriage

There is life after divorce. The first year of divorce maybe devastating for us but it’s not just the men who has the right to go out and restart their way of living. Sure … Read the rest

Things that Women Have to Know with Finance after Divorce

Divorce is very devastating to a couple emotionally. The husband and the wife have to go through the process of separation as they try to re-emerge to the society as a new individual. But when you talk about finances, the burden is often found in … Read the rest

Women Dealing with the Society after Divorce

We often saw in the news about famous couples splitting up wherein the main focus of their fight with each other is money. Who gets who and who gets to keeps the kids are always monitored by the media that we the readers just like … Read the rest

Women dealing with finances of the family after divorce

When divorce happens, one of the things that you should be thinking about is money. Women will naturally think of the emotional aspects of the divorce. We tend to our kinds, explaining why we have to break up with their dad and the new situation … Read the rest

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