Credit card debt is a very common type of financial problem in almost any adult. The use of credit card may seem to be very convenient since it diminishes the need to bring cash but the credit card’s effect on spending habit is very dangerous. Personal bankruptcy and loss of property are only some of the effects of credit card debt.

The following are the things you should remember about your credit card debt. Always remember these as these could help you address or prevent any financial problems that could stem from credit card debts.

1. Getting into debt is easy but getting out is difficult – using your credit card is very tempting because of its ease of use. You don’t have to bring a lot of cash to purchase an expensive product as you can charge everything to the credit card. But once the debt starts to pile up, paying them is very difficult.

2. Interest rate is not the only rate you should remember – every credit card will have additional fees no matter how you avoid them. There are late fees, fees on spending too little or too much and fees on using the card for cash advance.

3. Prevention is the key – the best way to control credit card debt is to avoid using your credit card like it’s the only form of payment. Use the credit card only when you really need it to avoid too much debt. If you don’t buy anything with credit card, you don’t get charged for anything.

4. Seek help as soon as possible – if you think you can’t control your spending or unable to pay your current credit card debt; seek help as soon as possible. There are government and non-government organizations established to assist those who are having trouble with their credit card spending.

5. Control in purchases – a smart way of controlling credit card debt is to use the credit card for limited purchases. For example, instead of using the credit card for every transaction, they can only be limited for online purchases.

6. Minding the spending limit – there are credit cards that offer an “almost unlimited” spending limit. Avoid this type of credit cards as they could provide the greatest temptation to spend. Since no system will stop you from spending, you may end up spending too much without knowing it.

7. Paying fees on time – never be late on your credit card payment. One missed payment will have serious repercussions on your outstanding debt. It doesn’t even matter if you’ve been a faithful customer for years – they will charge you with exorbitant late fees if you are late even just for once.

8. Advertised credit cards are dangerous credit cards – advertised credit cards will always sound like a great deal. But they often come with serious fees and consequences in case you miss one month of payment. This is the same with store based credit cards as they are very easy to obtain but very high in interest rate.

9. Avoid dependency on credit card – this is probably the number one reason why credit card debt can easily pile up. Cash is still a good way to purchase things and some advantages, such as control on spending, could be achieved with the use of cash.

10. Read the fine print – you’ll often wonder why credit card companies would charge you too much even though you miss a single payment. These are written on the fine print when you signed the agreement. Always read the fine print before agreeing to use their credit card. It’s an extra chore but it could save you thousands of dollars in fees.