It has become more important than ever to become financially educated is a blog which is dedicated to helping people become financially literate. Many people today are seriously lacking when it comes to being financially prudent. We named our blog “Stop Stupid Stuff” because many Americans face financial hardships, and these hardships are a result of stupid financial decisions, mistakes that could have easily been avoided.

A good example of the type of “stupid stuff” that we’re talking about is the sub prime mortgage fiasco. Millions of Americans chose to sign up for Adjustable Rate Mortgages that they couldn’t afford, and as a result, once the interest rates increased, the monthly mortgage payments doubled or even tripled, causing many Americans to lose their homes. In states such as Florida, the cost of real estate in cities like Miami has fell by over 17%.

It doesn’t help much that we live in a society that encourages us to borrow, without encouraging saving as well as financial responsibility. We also live in an environment where the mass media encourages us to waste money on “bobbles” and “trinkets” that don’t matter in the long run, such as cars, clothes, jewelry, and electronics, things that always seem to rapidly depreciate in value.

  • Do you want to build wealth, and bypass the many financial pitfalls that so many people fall for?

Anyone who has carefully studied our financial system should be aware of the fact that it is largely designed to keep you either broke, or in debt. If you wish to become financially free, you need “real” financial lessons. We’re not talking about complex financial lessons like how to invest in the stock market, or anything of that sort. At Stop Stupid Stuff, we will give you basic financial lessons that are written in laymen’s terms, which mean that virtually anyone can follow them. We teach you how to save money instead of borrowing it, and we also show you how to avoid wasting money on “bling” and other goods that matter very little over the long term.

A recent study on Yahoo indicated that the typical American doesn’t even have a basic understanding of simple financial concepts. When you consider the fact that we aren’t taught how to balance a check book in school, is it any wonder that so many Americans are suffering financially? Is it any wonder that we owe so much money on student loans, credit cards, and mortgages? Indeed, our society could be likened to a vacuum cleaner that sucks the money from the poor and working class, right into the pockets of the super wealthy.

The truth of the matter is that we live in a country where many citizens are in debt bondage. They think they’re rich, when in truth, all the things they have are owned by banks and lenders. The fact of the matter is that they own nothing, and the current real estate crisis reinforces this fact. If you want to be financially free, you have to change the way you view your life, the society in which you live, and money. You need to be willing to take the steps that will allow you to obtain economic freedom.

To do this, you need to abandon what you’ve been told by the mainstream media. They may tell you that the country is facing economic hardship, but they won’t tell you why. They will tell you about the rising cost of food and energy, but they won’t tell you how to fight back so that you can continue paying for it. If you are looking for a bullet proof financial education, one that you won’t get in school, then Stop Stupid Stuff is a blog that you will definitely want to take a look at.

Our society is nothing but a long history of financial booms and busts, and it all results from the expansion and contraction of credit. One thing that you had better understand is that you can’t “borrow” your way to financial independence. It takes sacrifices, the ability to save money, and a great deal of iron discipline. Live a life based on debt will not bring you much, and the few things you have will be truly owned by someone else.

Stop Stupid Stuff is a blog which is designed to help you become financially literate. Only be learning basic financial concepts can you begin to work towards building long term wealth. While some of the things we talk about may seem mundane (like saving money on groceries and eating out), following these tips will allow you to save hundreds of dollars per month, and thousands of dollars per year.